Where is the Garage at 100 Clarendon located?
The main entrance is at 100 Clarendon Street. Our Trinity Drum entrance is located on Trinity Place – off of Stuart Street.

Our Clarendon Drum exit is located at the on-ramp to the Mass Turnpike West - just off of Clarendon Street.

Click here for a map of the garage.




What are the hours of operation?
The garage is accessible 24 hours a day.




What are the rates?
Click here for parking rates.




What type of payment is accepted?
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express. Personal checks are not accepted.




What is the height restriction for vehicles?
Vehicles that are over 7 feet are not permitted in the garage. There is no weight restriction.




Can I park overnight?
Yes, 24 hour parking is available.




If I have any questions about the garage who do I contact?
Contact the Garage Office at 617-275-0151. Or via the web.




Is monthly parking available?
Yes. Click here for monthly rates




I have completed my application. What is the next step?
Your completed application may be dropped off at the garage office. Once the application and payment are received (via check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), your AVI Tag will be activated within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. Tags can be picked up anytime at the garage office located on the first floor Clarendon Street side of the facility.



How do I cancel my Monthly Parker account?
Thirty (30) days notice is required for cancellation of all Monthly Parker Programs.




Do you provide statements of parking activity & expenses?
Yes. Customers must come in person to the Garage office and present proper identification in order to receive account activity information.




As an overnight monthly parker, how do I use my sick days?

As an overnight monthly parker, you receive two free sick days per month. Most customers use these sick days when they find themselves needing to exit the garage after 9:30 AM or enter before 3:30 PM. In both cases, you will need to see customer service at the garage office in order for them to record your sick day, and reset your Tag to allow entry or exit.




What happens if I used up both my sick days?
You will pay the rate from the time you entered the garage before 3:30 PM or exited the garage after 9:30 AM. For example; if your vehicle remains in the garage outside of the access times, you are subject to the regular daily rates of the garage.

Daily Rates:

- Up to 1 Hour: $12.00

- 1 to 2 Hours: $22.00

- 2 to 24 Hours: $38.00




What if I forget my tag or use a vehicle that doesn’t have one?

If you have removed your tag from your vehicle and forget to bring it with you, please enter the garage at the main entrance on Clarendon Street, pull a ticket and proceed to the garage management office before leaving the facility. The garage manager will assist you.




What if I lose my Tag?
Please report lost or stolen tags to the garage manager as soon as possible. Access will be terminated for that account and a new tag can be issued. The replacement cost for lost or stolen cards is $30.00.




What is an AVI Tag?

Garage @ 100 Clarendon uses Automatic Vehicle Identification tags or AVI Tags. AVI is a Hands-Free monthly access system that allows authorized vehicles to enter and exit the facility. Please Note: Tags must be used in a complete entry and exit cycle. Once you have entered the facility, you must exit the facility before having access to enter again.




Where do I place the AVI Tag?
An AVI tag is rectangular (about the size of a playing card) and is affixed to your windshield behind the rear view mirror of your vehicle with a Velcro strip.




Will the tag interfere with my Fast Lane Pass?

No, because the tags are programmed to be read by different systems, there will be no interference with other types of speed passes.



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